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Help Us Preserve This Important Part of History

Though the Telefunken building sadly burned down in 1998, it is still possible to document this vital story with the most knowledgeable experts on the subject. But time is running out.


We always appreciate the help of the local and global communities- whether it be philanthropists, wireless/radio enthusisasts, Nikola Tesla aficionados or guardians of Long Island history. If you'd like to support this film and our greater mission, please subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the page to learn of  the many ways you may be able to help in this endeavor.

For Distributors, Broadcast Developers &

Acquisitions Professionals:

Though the project has begun, it is still at a stage early enough to seek production/distribution partners, presales or licensing opportunities for INVISIBLE THREADS. Please contact us using the special link here to discuss how we may work together to bring this history to final fruition in the individualized formats you require.

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